It is said that it was the Serpent
That first hissed the silver song of Love,
As it wrapped itself around Eve's Eden heart.
"Come and touch the fruit of Knowledge,
To know what is good and what is not,
What is this and what is that,
To finally know there
Is another that is not you

If Eve had only touched the Tree of Life
Instead of the Fruit of Mind
Where would we have wandered?

Life would have found no force to know itself.
We might exist... but how so lowly a beast
Inarticulate and deaf to tears and joys.
Hearts bereft of knowing what it is to know.

"So come and taste the blessed fruit
That will let slip the scales from sleepy eyes.
Let thoughts take root in
Eden's ground,
That there is someone else
Beyond the boundaries of what is you."

We are ashamed, for we are made separate.
But in the Falling from the Grace we gained the Blessing
Of what it is to leave and find our way home again.

Love returned is the true gift of Eve,
The fruit of that first Apple's bitter bite.